Rick de Beer

Rick de Beer


My experience with Robin was a real eye opener. I was always clueless about sports and health, but Robin gave me the knowledge and confidence to build a successful workout routine. While I was often overwhelmed by the vast array of exercises and variations, I never felt intimidated as I began my journey with Robin.


The photoshoot was a highlight during my journey to a healthier life. I had always looked at ideal images on Instagram and thought they were unattainable for me. But with Robin’s support, I found a lifestyle that fit me. I still look back proudly on my photoshoot and the result of all my hard work. It felt comfortable to achieve my goals at my own pace and I am grateful for the support Robin gave me in doing so. I look forward to continuing my journey and I will continue to maintain my habits so that I am always summer-ready.


Robin was flexible and gave me the freedom to do my own research. For example, I had to research food ingredients in the supermarket. This made me feel responsible for my own progress. I also learned a lot about the importance of good nutrition, and I was surprised at how easy it was to implement this into my daily life without sacrificing too much.